View Full Version : Metrogon 8x10 lens

Erik Ryberg
28-Sep-1999, 19:33

Has anybody actually used one of these 6" B&L Metrogon lenses which allegedly co ver 8x10?

How do they compare to a protar V or other classic lens?

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
29-Sep-1999, 00:29
I believe Mr. Grimes has worked with them and gone to the trouble to mount them in 3 % shutters. You might e-mail him. In the meantime, I'll let Sheldon Hambrick regail you with his experiences.....

29-Sep-1999, 23:34
Hi Erik,

Does this interest in wide angle hallmark a change in artistic vision? What will only one or two days of sun light left in Seattle for this year, could this indicate a close-up and expanded textural vision of rain, in muted grays?

Best regards, David

Erik Ryberg
30-Sep-1999, 00:22
Actually I'm just figuring if my lens is wide enough it won't matter so much which way I point it -- something interesting is bound to show up in there somewhere. This is bound to lead to an improvement in my pictures.