View Full Version : 11x14 Deardorff back

Chris Boas
18-Jul-2005, 13:39
Does anyone know where I might acquire an 11x14 back for an 11x14 Deardorff, and are the V8 and studio versions the same?

Jan Van Hove
18-Jul-2005, 14:25
I'd start with Glennview ... not the least expensive, but he has a lot of stuff...


Michael Kadillak
18-Jul-2005, 14:47
I would doubt that the studio and the field cameras have interchangable backs. With the studio offerings, weight was really not the concern as with a field camera.

Deardorff make sparingly few field cameras in 11x14. Finding a 11x14 back is a real long shot.

With a 11x14 Deardorf without a 11x14 back, you are in a position that I feel you could afford to economically have a 11x14 back made specifically to your camera. Any number of qualified master woodworkers could accomodate your needs and match the wood and the other asthetics. At the end of the day the waiting game is a tough alternative. Getting this camera into service in the 11x14 format is when the music starts to play. The price of admission is what it is. Recently a Deardorf 11x14 that was not perfect went for over $4,000 online. Do what you need to do to put this masterpiece into ULF service.


Karl Faller
19-Jul-2005, 00:43
I construct camera backs. Check out my site at: http://woodencamera. net

Thanks, Karl

Michael Jones
19-Jul-2005, 05:58
I have been down your road, restoring a V11 without a back. I found the back I needed at Lens & Repro. I paid $400 for it in 1999. My recollection is that the backs from the 11x14 field and studio cameras are the same. It is a simple matter after you find a back to have the owner measure the back and compare. It also may be easier to find an orphaned reduction back from a studio camera to start with. From my experience, I would have a camera woodworker (Richard Ritter comes to mind) build a back before I would buy anything from Glenview; I'd have a root canal rather than buy anything from him.

BTW, a V11 is an 11x14 field camera; a V8 is an 8x10.

But as Michael points out, once youíre done with the restoration, use the puppy. It handles just like any other Deardorff, only itís a little bigger. It feels just like a 5x7 and frankly was easier to use than a Phillips 11x14. The 27# weight was a bit daunting. Most of all enjoy both the restoration and photographing.