View Full Version : Experience disassembling an Epson V700

19-Sep-2017, 08:14
I recently had the oportunity to disassemble an Epson V700 scanner that was damaged beyond what the local authorized dealer could repair.
It is a later model (no firewire port), it says V700 on the front and on the sticker in the back, so it was not a V750 for sure.

Having disassembled other scanners before a few things got my attention in regards to its project. It has a single steel bar to guide the sensor/lens housing, the other side of the housing rides on a silicone tape on a metal sheet. I imagine that a double bar setup would make for smoother movement. Could this be related to the ICE problems people keep having with this scanner?

The lower part of the scanner supports the glass frame and the weight of the lid with the help of 4 metal posts. One of the posts was badly distorted by the accident that destroyed this scanner, I was able to restore its shape by hand, very soft material. The glass frame part of the enclosure was very thin, very weak. Without the glass taped to it, it was very easy to distort it, meaning that as the double sided tape that glues the frame and the glass together gets old, the structure of the top will get compromised and the glass will be descending inside the scanner. Actually the pressure of the lid with the document cover could very well cause this. Could this be related to the offset in focus height many people find in their scanners?

I didn't have the time to get into the lens/sensor housing yet.