View Full Version : Shutter CLA in Australia..

Enrique Vila
17-Jul-2005, 20:56
Hi folks,

Have an old Schneider Angulon 90, and it is getting a little bit sticky in the slow speeds...

I was wondering if anyone know where could I get it serviced here in Australia, to get it Clean Lubricated and Checked/Adjusted...

I know the guys at SK Grimes in the US do a great job, but would like to save the shipping costs if possible...

Hope any of the Aussie fellows here can provide a hint...


18-Jul-2005, 02:28
where abouts are you in australia?

Enrique Vila
18-Jul-2005, 05:39
Hi Enrico,

Im based in Melbourne.



John Quinn
18-Jul-2005, 14:39
Hi Enrique,
Charles Bridgwood in Adelaide should be able to help you. His work is excellent, but demand for his services leads to a bit of a delay.
If you are interested will send you contact details "off forum" - he is in SA phone book though.
He enjoys working on LF - is Hasselblad/Leica factory trained - also has visited Linhof in Munich, but I dont know if he received training there.

Enrique Vila
19-Jul-2005, 05:30
Hi John,

I already asked a friend in Adelaide to look for me in the phone book and will give Charles a call.

Thanks for the hint,


19-Jul-2005, 22:01
You might also try the Camera Clinic in Collingwood - they may not be able to do it themselves (indeed I suspect it's not their bag), but they may well know a specialist who is Melbourne based.