View Full Version : New Bellows Construction Page Uploaded

Joe Smigiel
17-Jul-2005, 19:29
I've just uploaded a new web page on constructing a square bellows for a large format wetplate camera I'm building. The URL is:


I've included specific design considerations for my DIY project as well as general instructions, a materials list, and links to other relevant DIY camera and bellows projects. Hopefully some will find the article worthwhile and perhaps helpful for their own DIY project.

Neal Wydra
17-Jul-2005, 20:37
Dear Joe,

Thank you for presenting your work.

18-Jul-2005, 13:09
Not working for me.

Joe Smigiel
18-Jul-2005, 15:50

I just checked it again by cutting and pasting the URL. It is there and working so I don't know what the problem is. Perhaps my ISP was down momentarily when you tried to access the page.

18-Jul-2005, 16:14
Up now. Thanks for posting. I am about to embark on making a tapered bellows. This will help.