View Full Version : 3/8 - 20 receptacle for LF camera - ideas?

Robert McClure
17-Jul-2005, 18:57
My FS 7x17 has its standard 1/4 - 20 female tripod screw receptacle. I would like to add an additional 3/8 - 20. What might work best would seem to be the same style as the existing 1/4 - 20. That is, a brass insert with threads on the outside that was screwed into the wooden base. I am guessing the 1920 mfgr. simply drilled a hole into the base, then with a big T-wrench/ male driver affair threaded into the 1/4 threads and screwed the thing into the base. Can someone tell me who might have such a 3/8 - 20 gizmo? A mere "T-nut," of course, is not what I am looking for. Thanks guys (and CJ)!

Tracy Storer
17-Jul-2005, 19:21
Most woodworking supply places will have "threaded brass inserts" in assorted sizes. Heres a link to Rockler with 3/8-16 which is the common "bigger" tripod screw size.


Brian C. Miller
17-Jul-2005, 19:23
Have you visited your local hardware store recently? There are nuts which are designed for being embedded into wood. They aren't brass, but I'm sure they will do the trick. There are other things in the many drawers at the large hardware stores. You could also ask at a wood worker's shop for ideas, too.

Ernest Purdum
17-Jul-2005, 20:13
Whenever I have a need for any sort of hardware item, I take a look at www.mcmaster.com. They have a larger selection than local stores are able to carry in inventory.

John Cook
18-Jul-2005, 04:19
Two additional thoughts:

Over the years, I have regularly used small family-owned local machine shops for things like this. It would be good to establish a relationship with someone in your area for the many little jobs like this which pop up.

Also, another source for nifty hardware are marine suppliers. Do a web search for chrome and stainless boat ground tackle. All sorts of nifty fittings out there which don't show up at Home Depot.

Robert McClure
19-Jul-2005, 07:17
Thanks, guys!