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Craig Wactor
17-Jul-2005, 17:22
Is a Sinaron S a Rodenstock Sironar S? Does anyone know of a site that lists Rodenstock rebranded lenses and their equivalents? I would actually be into making the list myself if it isn't out there, so let me know of any other rebrands you know of also, and I'll start compiling a web page.

jarrod connerty
17-Jul-2005, 17:45
I am 100% certain that the Sironar-S line is not marketed under any other designation. They're always ridiculously overpriced and, quite unfortunately, always markedly better than other similar designs that I've tried. I am not the type to stare into lenses with flashlight illumination or to gaze at resolution charts; the damn things have palpable, real world supremacy.

Michael S. Briggs
17-Jul-2005, 17:49
See http://www.photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=004am3
for a table listing the correspondences between Sinar names and Rodenstock names for the same lenses.

Oren Grad
17-Jul-2005, 17:58
No, it's not.

Sinaron-S = Caltar II-N = Sironar-N / Apo-Sironar-N
Sinaron-SE = Apo-Sironar-S
Sinaron-WS = Apo-Sironar / Apo-Sironar-W

Sinaron-W = Caltar II-N = Grandagon-N
Sinaron-WE = Apo-Grandagon

Apo-Sinaron = Apo-Ronar

Macro-Sinaron = Macro-Sironar-N

Caltar II-E = Geronar

If you want to look at older lenses too, there's also:

Caltar Type S = Sironar

At various times, the Caltar name has gone on lenses from other manufactureres as well, including Ilex, Schneider, Komura, and Topcon. For more details, see Kerry Thalmann's excellent article in the May/June 2003 issue of View Camera.

John Berry ( Roadkill )
17-Jul-2005, 19:24
When I was looking for glass, it seemed that the siranon advertised a larger IC than a same lens sironar?

Oren Grad
17-Jul-2005, 19:57
John, here's what Sinar says in its marketing materials:

"Sinar supplies lenses under its own trademark Sinaron that are designed specifically for the camera system and manufactured by the Rodenstock Precision Optical Works. These lenses are subject to strict inspection controls at Sinar and then mounted with exacting care on lens boards..."

Hence the idea of "Sinar-select" lenses, which is sometimes heard. But if you look at the specifications of the various Sinarons, including the image circles, they are identical to those of the corresponding Rodenstock lenses.

Brian Vuillemenot
17-Jul-2005, 22:11
"They're always ridiculously overpriced and, quite unfortunately, always markedly better than other similar designs that I've tried."

The Sironar-S series is not that much more expensive than the Sironar-N series, or comparable modern lenses from other manufacturers. The difference in cost per sheet of film exposed is extremely negligable when you think about the thousands of sheets of film it will expose during it's life time, not to mention the high resale value. If the Sironar-S is markedly better, then how is that overpriced?

18-Jul-2005, 07:20
I have seen a Nikkor 90/8 branded "Sinar". What does that mean?

Craig Wactor
18-Jul-2005, 14:06
Thanks for the great info! I always wondered if Sinar hand-picked lenses like Linhof. I don't knock them for marking up lenses.

I just really want to find a Sironar-S (or two), because I have heard such great things about them, but can't find one on KEH, ebay, Mpex, etc. and sure can't afford one new!

And no, MTF charts do not get me very excited, either. (but sharp contrasty chromes do!)

I still plan on making the web page. I am going to search threads here about other lenses, and companies, and see if I can put together a comprehensive list.

Bob Salomon
19-Jul-2005, 05:33
"The Sironar-S series is not that much more expensive than the Sironar-N series"

Today the S series replaces the N series. Except for the 150mm and the 210mm the N series is no longer in production.

John Berry ( Roadkill )
19-Jul-2005, 13:48
Thanks Oren,
I went back and checked my refrence and found ones that matched and ones that didn't. I see I was comparing different series or vintages.