View Full Version : Anyone using the Silvestri SLV for architecture?

Karl Beath
17-Jul-2005, 14:54
Hi Forum

Is the 25mm of rise on this camera adequite for architectural photography with a 47mm lens and 69 rfb?

Thanks for all the help thus far.

paul owen
17-Jul-2005, 16:46
Hi Karl. About 9 years ago I used to own and use the SLV with the 47mm (non XL), a 100mm Apo Symmar and a Horseman 6x9 roll film back. I found that the combination was a very good one! The amount of rise available exceeded the coverage of this particular lens (the 47mm). I did however, find that it was a VERY specialist camera. It was perfect for "standard" building shots and even landscapes too - but I soon realised that the benefits of being able to introduce other movements meant a move to 5x4 "proper" was called for. However, the whole system is an amazing work of engineering! The movement on the camera and the revolving back are a joy to witness! BUT ... the system is EXPENSIVE! When it comes to lenses you will need to add another couple of hundred pounds - even more dollars, for the helical focus mounts/Silvestri bayonet mount. There are better/cheaper/more flexible ways of shooting architecture! Practically ALL 5x4 cameras will allow this - both field and monorail, but the "ultimate" architectural-only camera would, in my opinion, be the Ebony 45SW with a 47XL and 6x9 roll film back!

David A. Goldfarb
17-Jul-2005, 16:48
Depends on the lens. Go to this chart to see how much displacement in the vertical orientation focused at infinity you can get with various lenses on 6x9--


Some have less than 25mm, and some have more.

Karl Beath
18-Jul-2005, 12:55
Thanks guys.

Yes the Silvestri is expensive, even 2nd hand. Perhaps it is to much of a specialist camera. Thanks for the link to the chart do they have one for 67?


David A. Goldfarb
18-Jul-2005, 13:02
There are charts for various formats at the main lfphoto.info page. Scroll down to "Lenses" and click on "comparison charts."