View Full Version : pre-soak ?????

17-Jul-2005, 12:34
I have a jobo drum expert and would like to know how to do the pre-soak, rotating the drum is necessary? with how much water? thanks Stefano

Brian C. Miller
17-Jul-2005, 13:17
Fill the drum with as much water as you would for the chemicals, then rotate the drum for a couple of minutes.

John Berry ( Roadkill )
17-Jul-2005, 19:11
Some presoak for two minutes, some for five. They both work, but will give different results. Whatever you chose stick with it.

18-Jul-2005, 07:56
for presoak, developer, and stop, i fill the drum while it's spinning. a funnel with a short piece of flexible hose on the end does the job, and costs a bit less than a jobo processor (many thanks to jobo for the idea, by the way).