View Full Version : X and M synchro question

John Mauser
17-Jul-2005, 08:44
Howdy, here's a newbie question for you.

I understand that the x and y synchro is used for flash applications, but does it matter what position it is in for non flash photography?

Brian C. Miller
17-Jul-2005, 08:58
The sync selection is for selecting between bulb and electronic flash. When not using flash, it doesn't matter.

(oh, yeah: use X for electronic flash)

Robert A. Zeichner
17-Jul-2005, 08:59
None whatsoever. The different types of flash sync settings are to control when the flash contacts are triggered relative to the opening of the shutter. This is to take into account how instantaneously (or not) the type of flash (bulbs) or strobe reaches peak output. Without a flash attached, it simply doesn't care.

John Mauser
17-Jul-2005, 09:01
Thanks for answering my question so quick!