View Full Version : I was at Courtwright Reservoir yesterday....

John Kasaian
11-Sep-2017, 13:03
..and the sky was blue and the air clean!

No services (the closest being in Shaver Lake or Wishon) but it might make for a "Plan B" if your "Plan A" doesn't work out.
Nope I didn't see Drew, but I was only up there for the day and busy playing as my shutterbug son's Apprentice

Drew Wiley
2-Oct-2017, 17:20
I'm still processing film. The hike from Courtwright to Blackcap Basin and back, with side wandering, was a little over 100 miles. The temperamental weather didn't allow us to cross over into the Middle Fork of the Kings. I didn't want to get trapped back there behind thousands of feet of iced slabs. But that allowed to spend more quality time in Blackcap. One remarkable thing is that there were large areas of glacier polish in the headwaters of the North Fork of the Kings that were so mirror-like that I could see crisp reflections of stars on it when the clouds temporarily cleared at night before the moon rose. Didn't encounter anyone for an entire week after the first day in, a handful the second week. On the way home I wanted to drive past my old place and take in a view of the SJ canyon. The entire Ritter and Clark ranges were totally white with fresh snow. I had my o own share of that in the backcountry.

John Kasaian
2-Oct-2017, 20:50
That sounds like a great trip Drew.
I've got a stack of film holders needing unloading, but I was out of distilled water to dilute for working solutions.
I just got back from Walmart with the water, now I'm feeling lazy---must be from giving blood earlier this evening.
Now the blood bank takes an extra vial to test donors for Zika and Parvo.
Maybe I'm just tired from chasing cars.

Drew Wiley
3-Oct-2017, 09:59
Well, I'm certainly glad you are back in form with no altitude restriction. I have one negative in the enlarger right now from my trip, and quite a stack of others I hope to whittle away at over the coming months. But that fact hasn't prevented me from already planning trips next summer. There is no such thing as too much high country!