View Full Version : memories and comparisms

11-Sep-2017, 08:01
Dear folks,

from time to time I enjoy in having a look onto my old pictures.
Some memories come into my mind, but I am also interested in comparing the use of my camera, and of course the results, yesterday and today.

For decades I only shot 24x36mm diaslides before starting with LF more recently .
Some of them I gave away to enlarge them to little prints.
Feel free to take part in my past, and to share and discuss your own memories/experiences/development.

Here's one of these oldstyle photobooks, and I want to start with a great memory of my Toyota Celica GT 200 Liftback, looking himself like the legendary Mustang Fastback:


Followed by my sweet little Lhasa Apso:


And a sandwich of a Tschech Sky but a german girl hooking on my japanese car: