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9-Sep-2017, 09:50
Hi all,

I bought another older lens, this time the Kodak WIDE FIELD EKTAR 135mm f6.3 lens, and again the lens is coming without lens caps (I am putting together a light weight 4x5 kit for rock scrambling). I again looked online and could not find a mention of the size lens caps that this lens takes or the outer diameter of the front and rear lens elements. Does anybody know what size lens caps that this lens takes?

Also, I did read that the lens takes Series VII Lens Filters (I think that the specific threaded diameter was 50.5mm) and that a Series VII -> 52mm Lens Filter Adapter exists. Does anybody know where I can find this lens filter adapter?


Doremus Scudder
9-Sep-2017, 10:47

I don't know of a source for caps - I have an unrelated suggestion:

Get another 135mm lens for your rock scrambling and save the (larger and heavier) WF Ektar for architectural work and other work that needs a larger image circle.

The WF Ektar has much more coverage than the (smaller) Plasmat 135mm lenses and is at its best when you need more movements. It is, however, larger and heavier than any of the Plasmats (I think the Rodenstock Sironar N is about the smallest). Plus, the Ektar's coatings are a bit more prone to scratch damage than more modern coatings and should be pampered a bit; not what you're likely thinking of doing when rock scrambling. It is getting harder and harder to find a clean example of the WF Ektars these days, especially the 135mm. It is unique in that focal length and nothing similar is being made any more.

Good luck finding caps!


Mark Sampson
9-Sep-2017, 10:55
I have a Series VII-52mm adapter ring for my 135 WFE. It wasn't easy to find 25 years ago but they must be out there. My rear cap is a generic plastic push-on type. I used to go rummaging in the junk drawers of camera shops to find things like these- a shame that that's not really an option any more.

9-Sep-2017, 11:03
I use generic lenscaps or sometimes bottle caps on my 135 wide field ektar.

Renato Tonelli
9-Sep-2017, 11:14
S.K. Grimes can make caps for lenses.
The front of my two Ektar Commercial lenses have been adapted to take common thread filters and lens caps.

9-Sep-2017, 12:31
Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

Doremus: I already have a Fuji CM-W 135mm f5.6 lens. I was hoping that the WFE would be smaller or at least a little more expendable if I dropped it on a ledge or something dumb that I occasionally do. When I say rock scrambling I mean using my hands and feet for climbing. Not Alex Honnold type climbing, but climbing that is less involved than using ropes or hanging on by your fingernails.

Mark: thanks for your encouragement; I will keep looking for the adapter ring.

rfesk: yep, I am planning to get generic lens caps. I just need to know the outer diameter of the front and rear elements to order the correct size caps. Worst case scenario is that I measure the lens elements when the lens arrives sometime next week. I was hoping to order the lens caps and have them ready when the lens arrived since I am not sure I can locate a lens filter to screw on to the front element to prevent unnecessary scratches.

Renato: I am looking at SK Grimes as my fallback position if I cannot find some generic lens caps online.


David Karp
9-Sep-2017, 14:02
The CM-W would be smaller if Fuji did not decide to make most of that series use 67mm filters. A 135mm Caltar II-N would be an awesome lens and available at a good price. Should be much less expensive than a 135 WF Ektar. Smaller image circle though. If you like Fujinons, a 135mm NW series would be a good choice as well.

9-Sep-2017, 14:34
Off-topic, I guess, but the earliest Fujinon-W has an image circle 1mm smaller than the WF Ektar, and is a ridiculously tiny, and cheap, lens. (46mm filter size, too)

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
9-Sep-2017, 15:04
I have a Sonia 54 to 55mm adapter on my 135/6.3 WF Ektar... I bought it many years ago here: http://www.camera-filters.com/

The only Series VII I currently see is this: http://www.camera-filters.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=431&products_id=7299

Keith Pitman
9-Sep-2017, 15:21
Get an inexpensive dial or digital caliper (e.g., Harbor Freight) and measure the barrel size. Every LF photographer should have a caliper. You can find many sizes of slip on caps at B&H--Kaiser is a good brand. Don't buy Schneider caps--I have found some differ in actual size versus stated size.

9-Sep-2017, 16:20
Tiffen makes a range of step-up/down rings, so you might contact them...

Steve K

9-Sep-2017, 17:38
I think this is what you are looking for:

front outer diameter 57mm
rear outer diameter 43mm

I used to use the original (I think) front metal cap on mine but now have a Series VIII to 2-1/4" (57mm) adapter (which lets one use 67mm filters/caps). On the rear I use a rear nikon 35mm bayonet cap with a little bit of thick tape on the inside - it works pretty well.

Enjoy the lens; they are very sharp and have great coverage.

By the way, in addition to B&H you can buy good cheap generic caps for a couple of dollars on ebay. They take a while to arrive from China/HK, but they are cheap and work fine.

9-Sep-2017, 20:44
Thanks everybody for your suggestions, especially about the Series VII lens adapter.

If the WFE does not work out, then I will look at the Fuji NW/W lenses. I do like Fuji lenses, but I am curious to try shooting with a Kodak EKTAR lens just to see how it renders color and (occasionally) B&W film.

I generally get Kaiser lens caps if I cannot find the original manufacturer's caps.

Ethan: thanks for the dimensions of the front and rear elements. And yes, I generally buy lens caps from KEH.com, B&H, or Adorama, in that order.


9-Sep-2017, 22:46
I used to go rummaging in the junk drawers of camera shops to find things like these- a shame that that's not really an option any more.

Actually, here in Atlanta, you can. Every time I go into Wing's Camera that is exactly what I do. Over the years I have amassed a very decent inventory of Series filters, filter holders, adapters and lens hoods.

Also in Atlanta, try Quality Camera. These folks buy out whole studios lock stock and barrel so they have all kinds of equipment.

Also in Columbus, Ohio try Columbus Camera Group.

In Chicago and in several Ohio locations, try Dodd Camera.

9-Sep-2017, 22:52
Doesn't one of our members custom make some very nice lens caps?

17-Sep-2017, 19:36

I use a Kodak Wide Field Ektar 135-mm f6.3 often in the mountains, and it is nearly always mounted on my metal field camera, which closes with this lens installed. When traveling, the camera is in a Photo Backpacker soft case which is in a pack. I figure if the lens is damaged while I am carrying this pack, it would be the least of my problems, as it would probably take a serious fall for this to happen. With this pack, I am rarely on anything more difficult than Class 2 rock (easy, unexposed scrambling) or 35-degree snow.

Even so, I appreciate Doremus's comment about the WF Ektar's rarity -- I have had mine awhile and did not pay that much for it, but am beginning to realize it would be hard to replace.

Usually, I have a Heliopan Nr. 154 step-up ring on it. It goes from 54-mm on the lens up to 72-mm for the filter. For lens caps, I have plastic push-ons: a 57-mm for the front, and a 42-mm for the rear. I measured the 42-mm, the others are marked dimensions.

Good luck with your travels.

17-Sep-2017, 21:59
Thanks everyone and just to follow up.

The 135mm WFE lens was compact enough for me, even with the adapter ring and lens filter.

I did locate a Series VIII - 57mm adapter ring on *that auction website*, and all is well. My 67mm UV lens filter screwed into it just fine. And I had a lens cap to fit the adapter ring with the UV lens filter.

I found the rear lens cell required a 43mm cap: 44mm was just a little too big. I use push on lens caps for both lens elements.

Now back to hiking and rock scrambling!