View Full Version : Folded Tachihara with lens

Louis Jensen
16-Jul-2005, 11:40
I have a Tachihara 4x5. If the flange to rear end of the barrel of a lens is short enough, the lens can be stored attached to the camera (the lens board has to be reversed). When this camera is closed, the distance from the lens board to the base of the camera is about 13/16 of an inch.

I want to obtain a 135mm or 125mm lens that I can store in the camera. Is the distance from the lens board to the end of the barrel (with lens cap on) for the Nikon (Nikkor) W 135mm f5.6 or for the Fujinon SW 125mm f8 less than 13/16 inches? Are there other lenses that satisfy?

Thanks for the help.

Wilbur Wong
16-Jul-2005, 12:22
My nikkor 135 is slightly over 1 1/4 inches including lens cap from the mounting flange to the front cap. From the mounting flange (outside of lens board) it is just a bare under 13/16 inch (including the lens board thickness) to the lens cap. Hope that helps

Wilbur Wong
16-Jul-2005, 12:24
That is 13/16 to the rear cap

Kevin Klazek
18-Jul-2005, 05:33
I have a Schneider 135 Symmar-S for my tachi that will fit in the camera when folded. The lens board has to be reversed as you note.