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8-Sep-2017, 16:14
Hello folks,

I just purchased the TOYO Super Graphic and registered to this forum.
Nice to meet you all.

I have one question about the Toyo Speed Graphic's rangefinder. I think it isn't properly adjusted and I would like to fix it but I don't know how.
The first point is slight misalignment of
I noticed that even when the track moved the very back, the focus indicator on the top of the body never points the infinity.
Instead the red arrow points out in between 15 and 8m sign.

I checked the cam, but the rangefinder's arm is properly following the cam's curve.
Yet I found that when I pull the arm to front just a bit, the focus indicator points out the infinity or by pulling even forward it exceeds the infinity mark.

How can I adjust the rangefinder so that it properly points out and focus to infinity?
Should I move this silver pusher bit back? (Not sure if it's possible)

I would deeply appreciate for any information.

Thank you

Dan Fromm
8-Sep-2017, 17:45
The Toyo Super Graphic is much the same as Graflex Inc's Super Graphic. Its RF is much the same as the RF used on top RF Crown and Speed Graphics. Look at the shop manual here: http://www.southbristolviews.com/pics/Graphic/graphicmanuals.html

No promises, but it might be helpful.

8-Sep-2017, 20:43
Hi Dan,

Thanks for the info. I found the infinity target for the super Graphic, but I didn't really see the way to adjust the rangefinder.

8-Sep-2017, 22:16
Read the Super Graphic service manual! The only real difference between the Super Graphic and the Toyo is Toyo's metric screws...

The "rangefinder" you're referencing is the needle indicator. The actual rangefinder is the optical one you look through with the split mirror.

Now, the needle is easily re-positioned. All you have to do is remove the plastic cover (and the flash shoe on the Toyo, I believe) and pop the needle off. Hold it in the correct position and push it gently back down on the arm. Simple stuff.

BUT, make sure your optical viewfinder is correctly adjusted before you re-position the needle! That's where you can use the infinity target, the moon or any clear subject at least a mile away. Use the ground glass image to be sure your infinity really is. Then you can re-position the needle...

9-Sep-2017, 07:30
Hi Rich,

Thank you for info, and sorry if I confused you. I know the needle indicator isn't the rangefinder that does the focusing.
I found that the rangefinder's is horizontal off. I read the service manual, and found the Section 8 Part F is talking about rangefinder adjustment, but it only talks about vertical alignment.
Is there any way to adjust it horizontally?

9-Sep-2017, 11:35
That is a convenience for using flash bulbs. Set the GN and then all one needs is to read the aperture for a decent flash exposure. It needs to be close but not exact.

To bring the infinity into correct position I've had success adjusting the "pusher" a bit rather than tweaking the position of the needle. What I'm calling pdher is the silver part with the screw. There is not much adjustability intended though. The other thing I've seen is where the silver tape part of the system takes a bit of a kink from being stored closed. That sometimes causes a bit of binding that keeps the needle from immediately popping to infinity reading. A bit of dry teflon lube might help

As RichSV said, it's not a rangefinder. The more accurate "rangefinder" is the vernier on the bed.

9-Sep-2017, 12:49
The steps you need to do are:
1) Rack the bed to infinity and check on the ground glass
2) Adjust the rangefinder stop by the rail, the little plate at the end of the metal strip that connects to the rangefinder mechanism, so that when looking through the rangefinder the split images coincide and lock in this position. Best to double check after tightening the screw.
3) Once that is done then reset the needle, if necessary, to point to the infinity mark.

12-Sep-2017, 07:59
Hi Brian, richydicky,
I tried the way both of you explained and now my rangefinder matches to the focus of the ground glass!
Thank you very much!

Now the only remaining is the vertical alignment of the double-image. I know the adjustment screw is under the indicator panels, through the hidden hole.
I found it but it's really tight. Hmm.

Anyway, thank you very much for all of your comments and help. I now somehow can use the rangefinder.

By the way, I found my TOYO's cam number is "36005-P63". According to Japanese camera shop's info this is for the 180mm lens.
Does anybody know how did TOYO number the cam?