View Full Version : What's Sonora Pass like right now?

John Kasaian
5-Sep-2017, 20:45
Above the smoke, or in it?:confused:

6-Sep-2017, 11:16

I was up there last week. Above 8,000 ft. (Chipmunk Flat) the smoke wasn't too bad--a bit hazy, but got better in the afternoon. I would not count on pristine views of the mountains or the sky.

One fire on the Stanislaus NF near the Dardanelles (McCormick) has gotten bigger since then, so I cannot say how much smoke is being pumped into the higher country to the east.

The NWS is calling for T-storms and hazy skies for the next several days. NWS Sonora Pass Forecast

The creeks are still running pretty good, and there are lots of nice Junipers in the canyon of Deadman's Creek. There are also some nice little meadows at about the 9,200 ft level. So, there are still things to photograph, if the haze is too bad.

John Kasaian
7-Sep-2017, 11:57
Thanks, Preston.