View Full Version : C41 development. White sparkles form after negative dries.

5-Sep-2017, 20:29
I've never had this issue with BW emulsions. I use a sous vide and unicolor kit. The exposures look good and the color balance is consistent and normal. The sparkles aren't dust. Maybe I shouldn't leave the negatives hanging for so long and get them in sleeves ? Or let them dry and the wash them?

5-Sep-2017, 20:49
White on the negative or on the print/scan? On the shiny or the emulsion side of the film? How big? What shape are they when you enlarge them?

What are the final steps in your processing regime? Do you use a stabilizer bath as final treatment? If so, have you tried a fresh one, or replacing it with a demineralized water wash with a bit of photoflo added?

6-Sep-2017, 18:15
On the negative. I'll check which side. Appear to be dust size. I do use a stabilizer , the one from the unicolor kit. The stabilizer is fresh.

I'll get to scanning and see

6-Sep-2017, 19:16
Haven't seen that before. Sounds like ambient dust while drying or particles suspended in the chemistry.

Pali K
6-Sep-2017, 19:41
I have had bad blix leave white dust like residue on my drums before. I wonder if that's what it could be.

7-Sep-2017, 04:43
The word "sparkles" to me means something in the chemistry. And the comment was made that it isn't dust. Look closely at the chemistry.

7-Sep-2017, 20:14
Yeah. That's what I'm thinking. I think it may be the blix. The color balance looks good so the development and temps must be within the margin of error. I'm shooting Ektar and jokingly I'm never quite sure if the color balance is correct... the greys are gray..

I think it's as simple as getting another kit and seeing if the issue persists.