View Full Version : Anyone use Bellinifoto E-6 chemistry?

3-Sep-2017, 00:43
I want to process some E-6 10x8 in my Jobo soon, I came across these people in Italy


Their product is a good price, I haven't heard of them before though, does anyone know how they compare to the Fuji or Tetenal kits?


3-Sep-2017, 05:34
Most all E6 chemistry is standardized (and from the same formula)... Find your best deal and run with it...

Steve K

Renato Tonelli
3-Sep-2017, 05:45
I have used their kit, while in Italy, to process several 4x5 /120 and 35 mm transparencies in a Jobo ATL 1500. (In the USA I use Tetenal).
The Bellini kit I used was the full 6-step process. I was happy with the results and will stick with it. It is obviously a little more time consuming when you are using 6 steps instead of 3.
All of the B&W chemistry I use while in Italy is from Bellini (with the exception of the developer XTOL). The quality of their chemistry is as good as their competitors and if you are buying in Italy, the prices are very good. (I purchase through Fotomatica).

3-Sep-2017, 06:12
Great thanks for the replies, happy to hear that they are reliable.