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2-Sep-2017, 12:35
Hello all,

I've recently become a member at a local darkroom and have some papers that I've had for a while and haven't used. I had previously purchased a job lot of darkroom equipment and was printing 35mm in my bedroom.

I've been using modern multigrade Ilford and Kentwood paper, but have a stockpile of other papers from the job lot. I would like some help identifying the papers (and some ideas for what could be done with them). For instance, I've read that I can add benzotriazole or potentially use them for lith or lumen prints, I'm just not sure which papers or kinds of papers these apply to.

First up, some Agfa Brovira.


This is double-weight grade 1 7 x 9.5 paper. I believe it's fiber paper, is that correct? Will double weight paper simply be thicker, or does the fact that it's double-weight affect how I would use it?

Next up, agfa Brovira "Record-Rapid". I don't know what the difference is between these (other than grade). Can they be treated the same way with modern chemicals? I have grades 2, 3, and 6.


I also have these:


The Kodak paper is all grade 1. I believe it's RC paper and I have a lot of it. Not quite sure what to use it for, other than maybe pinhole prints.

Lastly, I have some Ilfospeed RC in grades 2 and 3:


I assume I'd use this just like multigrade paper but without a filter.

Since this is old paper, I am going to check if any is fogged already. Can I use standard chemicals (e.g. Ilford PQ and rapid fix)? Would benzotriazole be useful for any of them?

Thanks a lot!

2-Sep-2017, 12:39
Ah, posted too early. There's two types of paper I don't know much about at all:

This Borfen paper which I assume is grade 1 (double weight) but that's about all:


And this paper that I don't even known the manufacturer of:


bob carnie
2-Sep-2017, 12:55
I would think that lumens and lith are your options for these papers, I would be surprised if any of them were high quality at this point. Ginette will take them all off your hands for her lumens.