View Full Version : 1901 Wollensack help?

Calamity Jane
14-Jul-2005, 19:54
The shutter on my 8x10 is a BIG Wollensack pneumatic dated 1901.

The shutter was pretty erratic on the slow speeds so I opened it up for a good cleaning.

Now I am pretty careful when I work on things like this so I was surprised to find a spring with one end attached to the front cover and the other end NOT attached to anything!

I thought maybe the spring was to retract the delay cylinder but, when I hooked it to the pin on the delay arm, it over-powered the shutter leaf spring.

I am absolutely puzzled!

Anybody else out there play with antique Wollensacks?

15-Jul-2005, 16:26
I have a picture of the intact innards of an old Wollensak Betax #4 shutter that I can email you, but I dont know how similar it will be to yours.