View Full Version : 5x7 darkslide - first come first served

tim atherton
14-Jul-2005, 18:30
I found I have a spare brand new Lisco Regal II 5x7 darkslide (haven't shot 5x7 for a couple of years). Flexible palstic kind

Free to the first email to timatherton@gmail.com

If you want to contribute a few bucks for shipping, you can do so via Paypal

(BTW - I may have offered this to someone in the past, just before I got pneumonia a year or so ago - and then forgotten all about it... if that was you, let me know ;-) )

Hope this is okay - it ain't for sale - it's free...

tim a

tim atherton
14-Jul-2005, 19:50
going going gone

and the winner is... Ken