View Full Version : super technika 23

rick smith
14-Jul-2005, 02:53
Can you help me with a serial number please:
47317. The rangefinder linkage is playing up so that the distance needle won't move (only quivers). Thanks

Bob Salomon
14-Jul-2005, 03:31
First model from series made from October 1951 to January 1956.

rick smith
15-Jul-2005, 11:59
Thanks for the reply. I managed to get the rangefinder working by cleaning the linkages. I'm missing the viewfinder shade cover and ground glass. What thickness is the ground glass and does it have another piece of glass to cover it. The camera has a Schnieder Krueznach Angulon 6.8/65 with a working shutter but the Zeiss Tessar 105 has a shutter that has the shutter leafs askew. Would it be possible to replace the shutter leafs?

Bob Salomon
15-Jul-2005, 13:54
Any camera repair shop can repair a shutter. As for the parts specifically for a III none are available any longer from Linhof. That includes the ground glass. But you could order the later one and have a repairman try to fit it to your camera.

tor kviljo
16-Jul-2005, 11:28
I had one of the super tech III's once. I don't remember GG thickness, but relatively thin and easily broken! 1.5mm is a good try. For the GG: This one rests with the ground part down in the frame = any difference you might introduce by selecting different from original GG-thickness will not introduce any kind of focussing error.

The viewfinder cover is thin sheet metal & hinge = easily ripped off during service (mine vere without one, only the hinge left) - nothing to moan about as the viewfinder-glass is very thick & nearly indestructable. You can also have it partly covered by the tele 180mm metal-masks usually following a set.

Nicely made camera, but even if you advance to the better (more movements & easier applied) tech 70 & Horseman VHR - you get tired of working within that all-too-small 6x9cm GG screen: I feel that the 4"x5" format is the smalles format giving adequate GG-area for using both eyes for composing & space for travelling with GG-loupe. Strength of the Tech 6x9cm's cameras & Horseman series 900/VH(R) were the posibility of using it hand held as big leica - as technical cameras - used view-camera like - less than perfect (trade it for a 4x5 as soon as You can....).