View Full Version : Lens caps for Schneider ANGULON 90mm f6.8?

27-Aug-2017, 11:52

I just ordered a Schneider ANGULON 90mm f6.8 lens. It came without lens caps. I did a search online, and all I found was a discussion from PHOTO.NET a couple of years ago about the rear lens cap size (and the 2 posters who listed the rear lens element diameter disagreed on the diameter-32mm versus 27mm):


I checked Schneider's website, and they did not list the outer diameter of the front and rear lens elements.

I would like to get lens caps for this lens because I tend to be clumsy and absent minded and could end up scratching the lens without caps. Does anybody know what size lens caps this lens takes?


Greg Davis
27-Aug-2017, 12:06
Is this the matte gray version that was a recent remake of a vintage lens?

Oren Grad
27-Aug-2017, 12:40
Daniel -

I have a 90mm Angulon. A 42mm push-on cap fits the front, just a bit loosely - a sliver of tape inside the rim should make for a snug fit. For the rear, I use a Pentax O-LC27, a strange little rubberized plug that is intended to serve as the front cap for the ultra-pancake Pentax DA 40mm XS lens, but happens to fit the rear of the Angulon just so. The reason for the discrepancy in the numbers reported for the rear fit in that PN thread is that one poster was referring to the outer diameter, the other to the inside diameter.

Greg -

You may be thinking of the 90mm Super-Angulon Classic. Daniel is asking about the (non-Super) Angulon, a much older and entirely different lens.

27-Aug-2017, 14:19

I have Schneider plastic caps for my 90mm Angulon that fit perfectly--42mm for the front, 32mm for the back. I think I bought them from B&H.

Greg Davis
27-Aug-2017, 16:50
You're right, Oren. I had the wrong one in mind.

27-Aug-2017, 19:33
Thanks Oren and Alan.

Greg, I mean the older Angulon from the 1930s through the 1970s that you use with a Crown Graphic, a very tiny lens that is great for hiking or in my case air travel. Ken Rockwell did a review of this lens:


as did Chris Perez (comparing it against the Schneider SUPER-SYMMAR XL 110mm f5.6 lens):


Now to order some lens caps!


28-Aug-2017, 09:30
Front filter size is 40.5 mm, I use a snap in cap from a Nikon enlarging lens.

Jon Shiu
28-Aug-2017, 09:35
I use a 40.5 to 49mm step-up ring for the front and then a 49mm snap cap. For the rear, there exists a screw in metal cap, but may be hard to find.

30-Aug-2017, 05:04
I have the rear group and rear screw in cap here in Brazil, but I guess it is too much trouble.

30-Aug-2017, 11:50
I'm not sure if it's been mentioned, but there is a much older Angulon that is usually all black in color that I believe has different cap sizes - hence the disagreement you might have found. Not as common as they are so old, but they are out there.

I found a recent eBay sale of one for comparison. Not my photos but here's a side-by-side to show:


Fairly sure that's the same shutter, so clearly much smaller. I don't have one of the older ones or else I'd check what the sizes are. The newer one indeed has a 40.5mm thread filter size.

31-Aug-2017, 18:19
Thanks Bryan,

The lens I ordered is serial # 7,xxx,xxx. According to Schneider, that serial # corresponds to a manufacturing date of around 1962 when I checked their lens info. I noticed that the lenses you are showing have serial #s 2,xxx,xxx, which date to around 1949-1950 (this information is listed also in Kerry Thalmann's article on Schneider Lenses Part 2 of 2 in the January-February 2003 issue of VIEW CAMERA Magazine). So I suspect that the 40.5mm lens thread will correspond with my lens. Just waiting for FED EX to deliver it. According to the FED EX website, they got my lens into their Phoenix office Monday morning 05:34AM and are just today delivering it to me. 4 days to drive 2 hours (from Phoenix to Sedona, Arizona). OK, enough ranting.

Thank you everyone for helping me; I appreciate all of your responses and information.