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25-Aug-2017, 07:09
For years I used 100 ASA black and white negative. I would like to try 400ASA. I shoot 4x5. Ilford HP5 and Foma 400 are my choices. What will be a developing time at 20C with D76 deluted 1+1?
Ilford suggests 11min for HP5. Massive dev. chart (digital Truth) suggest 13min
Foma suggests D76 (stock) and no sugestion for 1+1. Massive dev. chart suggests 10-13min.

What will be the starting dev. time for HP5 and Foma 400 using D76 (1+1)


Jim Noel
25-Aug-2017, 13:29
Use any one of the mentioned times as a starting point and decide what works for you. It is the only way to determine what result you like bet.

25-Aug-2017, 15:18
I'd try 11 minutes for the foma 400 in d76 1+1 as a starting point. It's the time I use for this film and Patrick Gainer's vitamin C developer, which I find to correspond quite well to d76 1+1 in terms of development times.

25-Aug-2017, 16:22
I always did 12min with the combo you mentioned because I used to have a cold light head. For me, I always thought 11m negs look too thin. That's just me and the way I like it. These days, I go from 12-13min. If I know I shot a lot in the sun (sunny here in socal), I'll pull it to 12. If I did a lot of indoor shots, I'll go up to 13.

Neal Chaves
25-Aug-2017, 19:22
I'll give you my HP5+ developing times in Ilfotec HC 1:31 at 68*. Agitate continuously for the first thirty seconds and for five seconds every thirty seconds thereafter.
7:30 yields a 400 speed negative of normal contrast. 5:00 yields a 100 speed negative also of normal contrast but with slightly better shadow and highlight detail.

David Lobato
25-Aug-2017, 20:15
It also depends on your processing method. Constant agitation, as in drum processing, will need less time than compared to tray processing. I take 15% off the recommended times for my drum processing on a roller base.

Bill Burk
26-Aug-2017, 09:40
I've been using 13:30 for TMY-2 D-76 1:1 68-degrees F and it gives me tha ASA parameters, approximately 0.62 Contrast Index. I don't know why the charts don't tell you what to expect in measurable terms. I am led to believe that Ilford users prefer film developed to a lower measure of contrast because the charts recommend less time. And I don't think the times should be different... Guess tests are in order.

26-Aug-2017, 10:05
These are all great points. They all say, basically, "It depends". On many things -- many of them have been listed. The biggest "depend" is "on you". Use anything as a starting point -- nothing more.

Another factor not mentioned, so far, is, it depends on what ISO you exposure the film for. The ISO from the manufacturer is simply another "starting point". For example, I regularly expose my Ilford HP5 at ISO 200.

27-Aug-2017, 08:14
Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions. I shoot two negatives (4x5-HP5) and developed them for 11min and 13min. 11 min was too thin. 13 min seems to be O.K. I shoot one more sheet at 320ASA and developed it for 13min (D76 1+1) and like it very much.

Thanks again