View Full Version : Problem with focussing knob on Toyo Field 45A

25-Aug-2017, 03:56
Hi, I need your help.
I just received my new to me Toyo Field 45A.
Everything works as it should apart from one of the two fine-focussing knobs.
One of these is loose, it has no grip on the rod that moves the bed back an forth as opposed to the knob on the other side.
(Hope you unterstand what I'm talking about as English is not my first language...).
Can I just remove/pull off the knob and glue it back on?
Are there any screws I have to loosen before that?
I don't want to use brute force in fear of breaking the rod or any other parts.
Cheers, Zwicko

AJ Edmondson
25-Aug-2017, 07:28
Are you certain that you aren't referring to the locking mechanism? Many of these have the "drive" wheel or knob on one side and a locking wheel or knob on the other.

25-Aug-2017, 07:42
Hi Joel, yes, I'm sure. There is also a locking lever but the two knobs of which one isn't working are for focussing.

25-Aug-2017, 16:03
You will need to remove the end cap from the knob, try not to bend it like I did with this one. On the end of the focusing shaft is a nut, a 7mm socket will fit that.

With any luck, just tightening the nut will be all that you need to do. The knob and shaft aren't splined or tapered, the nut just jams the knob tight on the shaft.


26-Aug-2017, 02:20
Great, thank you very much!

26-Aug-2017, 03:34
Fixed! Thank you!

26-Aug-2017, 05:57
I suggest adding some thread-locking compound to the threads if it's not too late.

That should stop it unscrewing again in future.