View Full Version : Horseman RFH 612 for Linhof S. Technika V

Paul Chan
21-Mar-1998, 01:41
Would the Horseman Roll Film Holder 612 (for all international standard 4 X 5 " cameras) be readily usable on my Linhof Super Technika V (4 X 5 format) for pano ramic shooting? And how could I mark the frame lines on the ground glass for com positional purpose? Some expertise advise is appreciated.

Mark Windom
21-Mar-1998, 20:33
Take a black matboard cut to the dimensions of your groundglass and cut a 6X12 w indow in the center of the mat. You can then use this to compose the image. Th is has worked much better for me than trying to see lines or etchings on the gla ss.

Someone else will have to answer the other part of your question. I use a Horse man roll film back on a Wista and have never had any problems with the back. Th ey are a little more expensive than some of the other brands but worth it.

Patrick Raymore
23-Mar-1998, 16:05

I was not aware that the horseman 6*12 back could be fitted to the Wista SP. Could you provide more information as to how you do this? pat

Mark Windom
24-Mar-1998, 03:09
I am using a Horseman 6X9 back on my Wista SP, not a 612 back. Why wouldn't a H orseman 612 work?

Bob Salomon
9-Sep-1998, 21:10
Yes you can use any back on the Technika 45 that either slips in or attaches to the International Back locks on the Linhof. You should be aware that the Hoseman 612 back has a much smaller negative than the Linhof 612 Techno Rollex back. The Horseman is appx. 56 x 111mm where the Linhof 612 back is 56 x 120mm.

The easiest way to show different film sizes on a Linhof 45 is to use the 001643 Linhof Multiformat Groundglass Mask that sits on top of the ground glass or fresnel screen. It has a list price of $28.00 and shows 6x6, 6x7, 6x9 and 6x12 f