View Full Version : Recommendations for B&W negative intensifier needed.

24-Aug-2017, 16:47
Finally ran out of my favorite intensifier - Smith Victor Intensifier. I believe it was a mercury intensifier and was discontinued many years ago for that reason. No bleaching of the negative required, simply just mix up the intensifier and treat the negative with it and final wash. Are there any other intensifiers out there that are this simple to use? I have thin negatives that were shot in the 1970s, treated with Smith Victor Intensifier, and still very much printable today.

24-Aug-2017, 17:32
There are plenty of intensiers, but they are formulas you have to mix yourself. Kodak, GAF, and Ilford had several without mercury. They used chromium, silver, etc. I'm sure if you do a search on this forum that you will find lots of them.

Jim Noel
25-Aug-2017, 13:36
The simplest method of intensifying today if you want more than an additional stop is to tone the negative.Any toner works, but sepia will provide 2-2 1/2 stops increase. If you don't want to bleach te negative,give selenium 1+4 a go.

David Karp
25-Aug-2017, 13:46
You can also use Selenium 1:1.

Mark Sampson
25-Aug-2017, 14:54
Check Photographer's Formulary. They have intensifier kits, or did. See also "The Darkroom Cookbook" by Anchell and Troop.