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24-Aug-2017, 00:17
I stumbled on these images and wondered what camera made them. Image is dated 1934 by sarin, Bull of the Woods Lookout, Oregon.
Is a it a specific camera used by the USFS? is it a film holder or insert? is it a custom mask specfic to the lens and camera?
very neat! and with that horizon line too...






27-Aug-2017, 17:12
Turns out the camera was developed by William "W.B." Osborn, from Portland OR and the USFS:

Aha! information on the camera, and a link to more images of the "osborne photo recording transit" aka Osborne Camera itself.

And a little bit more on the camera and another invention by W.B. Osborne, the Fire Finding device:

For those interested in the use of the camera for fire lookout survey's this page may contain information or links:
And some folks who tracked down images from the cameras: http://www.willhiteweb.com/washington_fire_lookouts/osborne_panoramic_research/photos_084.htm

27-Aug-2017, 17:59
What is the print size?

28-Aug-2017, 09:06
According to NYforestrangers source: " 6" X 14" prints " were made, this is in the 1930's, I imagine a similar negative size of 6x14 inches was probably used for contact printing. The image ratio is about 6x16 on the samples above, with the borders the negative has about a 6x14 ratio. To me a 14'' long negative is a bit surprising and longer than I would have suspected, but the cameras are large and heavy (75lbs?!). I have yet to see a print or negative in person.

The Osborne Camera Manual (http://www.iamwho.com/osbornes/latest/camera%20operators%20manual%20doc.pdf) states Roll film of 5-15/16"x100" were used to capture 6 (six) exposures per roll which would be about 15'' long depending on the image's spacing and leader length.

I wonder if Vaughn ever saw one of these.

IamWho panoramic imageing site has catalogued many of the images and resources: Osbourne Photo History Page (http://iamwho.com/cdv2/pages/history.htm)
TrailAdvocate.org (https://www.trailadvocate.org/images/LookoutPanororamaPhotos/#0) also has a list of images.