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23-Aug-2017, 17:08
So Gibellini made this new beautiful 8x10 camera, 3D printed, im sure you guys know about it.
Looks great and Gibellini is well known for their awesome cameras... but what concerns me is the disintegration of Poly Lactic Acid materials. As far as i quickly read materials should not last for more than 5 years in normal conditions.
Im far from beeing an expert, just would like to know your thoughts on this.


thanks alot.

23-Aug-2017, 18:29
You would have to do your research about the material, but also storage conditions can have a wide range of effects on different plastics...

Generally, (as a working rule) allowing the item made from different synthetics some room to breathe in a vented area (so outgassing or proximity to other items that could outgas is at a minimum, light exposure, heat & cold, etc, and sometimes just the batch of the material it came from can be better/worse...

I have noticed during my move finding (mostly ABS) plastic things that were inside boxes, for some over 30 years, and I have seem stuff that was like new, but some stuff was badly discolored from outgassing, some very brittle like candy or crackers, stinky, some melted internal strobe wiring, sticky vinyl, melted synthetic rubber, etc, but keeping them all cooped up for so long seemed to be a major factor...

Presently, I'm a little down on plastic materials for long term items, but like that movie "The Graduate", the secret wisdom was "The future is in plastics"... :-0

Steve K

el french
25-Aug-2017, 18:50
They claim to have tested it to 40C. Unfortunately, this is only 104F. In other words, don't use it in Phoenix in the summer or leave it in your car anywhere in the sun :p PETG would have been a better choice of material to use.

8-Jan-2018, 11:51
Good evening,
I've just got my Bellatrix from Alessandro Gibellini... The PLA Plastic it is made off really seems to be of good quality.
I suppose his printer is of good resolution as well : the surface is smooth and very regular, not grainy, nor "liny"...
Very sturdy camera, very good value for money, imho.
For you to know, I have, for years in my pocket, accessories made of PLA printed by a friend to unlock caddies in supermarket (if you have no coins to do it)... They have travelled to Italy, Greece, in full summer, in full winter, always ringed with my car keys... they are in the exact same state as they were originally... ;-)
Best regards,
Fred Dusepulchre