View Full Version : 213 mm Helioprint / Escofot / Repromaster Lenses

Pete Oakley
23-Aug-2017, 14:43
I've got one of these lenses marked as a 213 Helioprint. I've used it a few times and some times I seem to have a flair problem. I would be interested to hear of other photographers experiences with these lenses.

John Layton
23-Aug-2017, 15:57
Heck...I could use a little flair. Flare, on the other hand...now that can be a problem!

23-Aug-2017, 17:27
I have the Repromaster version. Have used it on 8X10 a few times and have not noticed any flare. I don't think mine is coated. Very sharp lens.

Dan Fromm
23-Aug-2017, 18:33
It should be coated, Randy. Mine were.

Pete Oakley
24-Aug-2017, 00:57
Thanks for your answers. Mine is coated. These lenses have a very "domed" front element and as those of us who are using them in the field are not using them as the makers intended I wondered if this was the cause of the occasional flare problems that I experience.

Mark Sampson
24-Aug-2017, 08:07
Sounds like it's time for a compendium lens shade.

24-Aug-2017, 08:26
It should be coated, Randy. Mine were.You are probably correct Dan - perhaps I just can't tell. I just looked and I see a very faint pink'ish tint in one of the reflections...