View Full Version : Going From Bogen 410 to 405

Scott Rosenberg
12-Jul-2005, 15:52
just wondering if any of you are using the bogen 405... i see it has a capacity of 16.5 pounds, whereas the 410 has a capacity of only 11 lbs. i sometimes find my 410 a little woobly under my arca swiss f-line... will the 405 be more sure-footed?

Tom Westbrook
12-Jul-2005, 16:14
Scott, do you use the Bogen quick release plate? If so, that's probably what's wobbling. I get that with my F-Line Field, too. Kerry Thalman posted a thread a while ago about adding an Arca style clamp directly to the Bogen, but some grinding off of bits of the 410 is required.

Scott Rosenberg
12-Jul-2005, 16:29
tom, that's a good thought. however, i use the kirk bogen/ arca swiss adaptor, which is rather solid. i'll mount the camera and give it a wiggle to see where the movement is coming from.

Brian Ellis
12-Jul-2005, 18:06
I don't remember Kerry's message but I've added an Arca style clamp to my 410 head without doing any grinding. They can be ordered from Kirk Enterprises, they fit right into the 410 head. However I don't know for sure that it would cure a wobbling problem, I didn't add it for that reason. As an added bonus though, if you have the Kirk clamp then you can also get the Kirk 4" square quick release plate which is avery nice device (assuming of course that it will fit on your camera). The clamp alone costs about $100, the QR plate is another $100.

Brian Ellis
12-Jul-2005, 18:10
Sorry, Scott's second message wasn't there when I was writing mine.