View Full Version : Who is going to be using their 8x10 as an Eclipse Viewer....

20-Aug-2017, 18:25
I put a pinhole on my Shen-Hao and cranked the bellows out to maximum extension. Got at good view of the sun today and hopefully the eclipse tomorrow.

20-Aug-2017, 19:48
Are you projecting directly on the ground glass?

20-Aug-2017, 20:01
I have constructed a solar projector using my spotting scope and projecting onto a sheet of white freezer paper mounted on a piece of cardboard. I'll photograph that using some fast film in my Ikoflex Favorit. I may also try my 4x5 tomorrow morning. I have some Ilford HP5+ I can push if I need to.

I don't own any solar filters, and don't own enough ND filters to effectively stack them, so the solar projector was the best solution I could come up with. Seems pretty straightforward but I am not sure about photographing the projection.

I should have tested some of this earlier but will have to make do with doing some pre-work in the morning.

I did consider using a pinhole but wasn't sure how sharp the projected image would be.

20-Aug-2017, 20:17
You can buy a welder's mask filter for about $3 at Home Depot or wherever.

Peter De Smidt
20-Aug-2017, 20:24
Has to be the right kind of welder's filter. Many won't help. I just read about that today.

Tim Meisburger
21-Aug-2017, 08:04
You can use cheap eclipse glasses over your cell phone lens. I bought one of the cheap camera filters (same material as glasses) and have set up my 4x5 with a 360mm telephoto so I can do a sequence (although we do not have totality here). 360mm give and image about 3/16s in diameter, so I can fit the whole thing on a sheet. Will it be great? No. But if I want great, I can always download NASA's photos...