View Full Version : end caps on Linhof Kardan rail

Mike Lyons
11-Jul-2005, 22:46
Hi to all. I have a second hand Linhof Colour Kardan 45S with the 18" rail. The problem is getting the black end caps off the rail. They appear to be jammed up, any one know if they screw on or push on before I take the industrial gear to them?

Dan Neilson
11-Jul-2005, 23:09
If it's the round rail, the caps screw on.

Bob Salomon
12-Jul-2005, 02:51
Since the 45S rail is not expandable many caps were glued on as there is no reason to remove them.

Mike Lyons
12-Jul-2005, 03:59
Thanks for the advice, they may well be glued on. I am looking to modify the rail and/or canibalise things for a project. Can't see evidence of a screw thread despite the round rail ( I need more bellows draw, amongst other pet ideas, not enough hours in the day ) so it's probably time for Mr.Metal saw.........shame to damage such a nice bit of gear, though.

Robert A. Zeichner
12-Jul-2005, 05:26
If your intention is to modify the rail, why not just scrifice the cap by drilling a hole and chipping out the remainder with pliers and such. You may be able to preserve the shape and full size of the tube without resorting to sawing. Just another idea.

Graeme Hird
12-Jul-2005, 17:24
Hi Mike,

If they are indeed glued on, try applying a little heat to see if that will make the glue melt. That would be preferable to cutting the rails, and you may be able to salvage the end caps.


Mike Lyons
14-Jul-2005, 04:46
O.K. thanks Gaeme, a couple of litres of boiling water did the trick.