View Full Version : Sinar Mystery Coupling Frame

17-Aug-2017, 13:48
Hi, long time lurker here...

Can anyone shed some light on this rear coupling frame? It's missing the heavy plate at the bottom which holds the ground-glass back/bellows/lensboard in place. You can see the front coupling frame which is what I'm familiar with as a typical P-series part. The metal cover plate on the mystery frame is too light to securely hold a gg-back securely in place. The hex rod clamp is also different than I've seen before.

Another question, I believe this camera has an 8x10 rear bearer. What is the knob on the left side with the folding lever?



17-Aug-2017, 16:23
Could the frame missing the heavy plate be off of an Auxiliary standard that was made only to support bellows? Just a thought...

17-Aug-2017, 18:09
Thanks - sounds reasonable to me. I'd only seen photos of the multi-purpose standard with the heavier plate - never seen one in real life.

Greg Davis
18-Aug-2017, 13:40
I thought the auxiliary standard was just an F2 front standard. The little know on the 8x10 rear bearer is a lock to prevent unwanted swing. I've never needed to use it.

19-Aug-2017, 14:00
The knob with the folded lever is a swing lock (yes it's an 8x10 rear carrier)

19-Aug-2017, 17:48
Thanks Guys.

I may have figured out the frame. I found a copy of the P instruction manual from 1971 which shows this style of frame. Maybe just an early version that was improved later.