View Full Version : Balcar strobe repair

16-Aug-2017, 18:37
I just picked up two Balcar T1005F packs and six heads at a moving sale for less than the cost of one Paul Buff monolight. Cosmetically they are pretty nasty looking, but the seller said they worked, and that I would just need a few new lamps. The problem is that when I plug them in, they make a rapid clicking sound. Two of the heads fire, but after a few minutes both packs stop working. Some of the heads have burnt out modeling lights and flashtubes or just aren't working. I can't find any useful information on this model. Does anyone have any idea where I could get them serviced?

Tracy Storer
18-Aug-2017, 11:57
The old Balcars I used to use made a clicking (cricket like) noise to indicate they were recycled. Used to send them in to Calumet in Chicago.....that ship has sailed.

18-Aug-2017, 13:58
Where are you located?

- Leigh

18-Aug-2017, 19:19
Tracey, I loved the old Calumet. I bought from them all the time. I have one of their catalogs from the 1970's. Leigh, I live in Sacramento, CA.