View Full Version : Konica Hexcanon GR II 210mm

Armin Seeholzer
11-Jul-2005, 03:38
Hi all

I have the Konica Hexanon GR II 210mm and it is durty in the middle of the lens. This is called a barrell lens for reproduction wich does not have a shutter.
Is it possible to take a part or not for cleaning or is it a must for a repairman?

Dan Fromm
11-Jul-2005, 04:53
Armin, someone -- perhaps Jim Galli? -- has posted here about taking those lenses apart. IIRC, the first step is to remove the radial set screws from the barrel. Then the cells should unscrew. No advice on opening a cell.

If it were my lens, I'd send it to a repairman. My first 210/9 GRII had a little internal schmutz. When I asked Steve Grimes about cleaning it, he told me not to be so damn neurotic.


Armin Seeholzer
11-Jul-2005, 09:54
Thanks Dan

I got also the same answer on APUG and it worked fine on my 210mm Hex but the 260mm Hexanon has the schmutz inside on the front element so thad goes to a repairman. Seems to be a weak point on them.
Because I do not need a 4. Softfocus lens!