View Full Version : Schneider G-Claron 355mm

Ross Hint
11-Jul-2005, 01:04
Why was a Schneider G-Claron 355mm/f9 so cheap at Ebxy (#7528976025)? Only $300!

Tony Karnezis
11-Jul-2005, 02:11
Because there's no shutter.

Donald Hutton
11-Jul-2005, 10:37
That guy has a whole bunch to sell and they are basically new lenses - a great deal if you are ever thinking about ULF...

Michael Kadillak
11-Jul-2005, 11:03
The one I acquired has a bit of Schneidernitis, but still a fabulous optic that has been discontinued. I have the same lens in a Copal #3 and the new elements will screw directly into the existing shutter. The coverage beyond 12x20 is fabulous for this focal length.

Christian Olivet
11-Jul-2005, 14:43
I bought one too for about the same money. Think about spending $350-400 on a shutter and another $300 to have Steve Grimes shop mount it for you.
The lens is awesome. Yes heavy, but it performs.

Jim Galli
11-Jul-2005, 14:50
This fellow ended up with a case of new lenses. He's kind of saturated the market even though the price is good. New shutters used to be $389. Probably more now...

Kevin Crisp
12-Jul-2005, 10:59
I'm curous. How many G Clarons are there in a case of new lenses?

Jorge Gasteazoro
12-Jul-2005, 11:02
I'm curous. How many G Clarons are there in a case of new lenses?

He mentioned he had 30 lenses.

I got me one for my 12x20, it too had some schnideritis but for the price it was a steal.

15-Jan-2012, 18:22
What is schnideritits? I am thinking about getting a g-claron and this concerns me...

Dan Fromm
15-Jan-2012, 18:47
Separation of the blacking -- it bubbles up -- from the edges of lens elements is called schneideritis. IMO, it should be called Boyeritis 'cos Boyer lenses have it more often and worse than Schneider lenses.

Has no effect on image quality, reduces resale value.

15-Jan-2012, 19:02
And these lenses are not multi-coated??? So flaring is also an issue?

15-Jan-2012, 19:03
It's a great value, but single-coating worries me..

15-Jan-2012, 19:07
Is the lens single-coated? What are the benefits of multi-coating?

Lachlan 717
15-Jan-2012, 19:15
Is the lens single-coated? What are the benefits of multi-coating?

With all due respect, you're asking some pretty basic questions. I'm picking that you're going to get flamed a bit by some of the members here.

I'd suggest using Google et al AND the search function here (see tool bar above) to try to find answers before asking here.

Steve Hamley
15-Jan-2012, 22:00
Yes, it is single coated.

Multicoating effectively increases contrast over single coating, which can be either good or bad in a specific instance, but is generally good.

There's probably more difference between uncoated versus single coated than single versus multicoated. Contrast Also depends on the lens design and internal baffling as well.

If you shoot B&W, it mostly doesn't matter because you can adjust contrast by development time. St. Ansel mentioned this somewhere in "the Making of 40 Photographs"'

Cheers, Steve