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Janko Belaj
10-Jul-2005, 04:27
So, in my searches for larger friend I have found nice (old) wooden Deardorff 8x10 camera, but as I never had a chance too see one in life I don't know will modern 8x10 holders fit that camera or do I have to search for wooden film holders?
I know the standards for 4x5" (9x12cm) cameras but don't know if there is the same system in larger format, I mean - I know there *is* the standard, but I don't know if that camera "fits" the todays standard...

John Cook
10-Jul-2005, 05:05
Dunno how old is "old". Some of my stuff was pre-WWII.

The wooden holders and Deardorff cameras I have owned and/or worked with have all had the same length and width as new plastic holders. Of course, the wooden holders were often just a tad thicker.

I would be very surprised if there is a problem.

Brian Ellis
10-Jul-2005, 05:12
I used modern plastic holders (Fidelity et al) in both of my Deardorffs, the holders fit fine. OTOH, those old wooden holders made by Graflex and others sure look nicer with the paint stripped if necessary and refinished to match the camera.

John Kasaian
10-Jul-2005, 12:57

I've used new plastic Liscos and Fidelitys as well as old wooden Kodaks and Agfa holders in my 'dorff with no problems.

Good Luck!

Scott Davis
11-Jul-2005, 08:04
I've got a vintage magnesium bodied Calumet C-1 (green monster version). I use both the new Lisco/Fidelity holders and old wooden Graflex/Kodak holders, and all fit interchangeably. IIRC, the only time you run into non ANSI standard holders is in the ultra-large formats, like 8x20 and 11x14.