View Full Version : Kodak 2d in the DC area?

Tim Meisburger
12-Aug-2017, 15:01
I bought a set of 8x10 2D parts from a member here, and I wonder if anyone in the area has an 8x10 2D I can arrange to photograph and measure sometime? I'll do a sketch and make that available in case anyone else wants it.

Mods, if this should be in DIY, please move. I was unsure.

Best, Tim

Drew Bedo
13-Aug-2017, 05:52
Not sure I understand . . . .

Are you missing parts? Do you intend to make parts to complete the camera?

Jim Fitzgerald
13-Aug-2017, 08:59
I sold Tim all of the metal parts from a 2D that I had. I believe he needs to see an actual camera so he can build his own.

15-Aug-2017, 02:54
I sold Tim all of the metal parts from a 2D that I had. I believe he needs to see an actual camera so he can build his own.


Tim Meisburger
15-Aug-2017, 06:54
Thanks Cary. I will use photos if I need to, but it would be easiest for me to have a camera in hand to examine and measure. That would help me get exact widths and thicknesses, and I could examine the joints and the tripod mounting arrangement, etc.

15-Aug-2017, 09:07
I have one you're welcome to borrow. It needs a new bellows, and only has a 5x7 back but, if it meets your needs, you're welcome to it.
I'm in Alexandria.


Tim Meisburger
15-Aug-2017, 09:49
Thanks Eddie. Is it a 5x7 camera, or an 8x10 with a 5x7 reducing back? It might not matter, as it is possible the bed and front are the same on both (as they are on the B&Js). I'll send you a PM, and maybe I can stop by on a weekend sometime and measure it up.

15-Aug-2017, 10:33
It's an 8x10. I'd be willing to let you hang onto it for awhile, as I'm not sure when ( or if) I'll get around to rehabbing it. I think it would be easier for you to work on yours from another camera, rather than measurements and photos.

Tim Meisburger
15-Aug-2017, 12:12
Oh, okay. That would be great. Make it even easier. Lets get together this weekend, if you have the time. I sent you a PM. Just let me know a time and address.

Mark Sawyer
15-Aug-2017, 17:47
I have a 5x7 and an 8x10 2D if you'll be in Tucson any time soon...

Tim Meisburger
15-Aug-2017, 19:31
Thanks Mark. Hope to get out there around Christmas, but hopefully I will be done by then.

Tim Meisburger
17-Sep-2017, 13:28
Hmm.. I wonder if anyone can help me out with some quick measurements of an 8x10 Kodak 2d? I borrowed what I thought was one, and built the base this morning, but when I got back to the house, I measure the back, and it doesn't seem large enough for 8x10. It has a 5x7 back on it, and looks like it would handle whole plate. Anyway, here is a quick sketch of the measurements I need, and a picture of some of the finger joints I cut this morning making the base. If anyone needs a base for a 5x7, let me know...:rolleyes:


Jim Jones
17-Sep-2017, 16:36
I hope this helps.

Tim Meisburger
17-Sep-2017, 17:25
Thank you Jim, That is perfect. I was convinced the example I have must be smaller than 8x10, but apparently not. Everything matches up, and when I checked the hardware I have (I should have thought of that to begin with), the racks are 12 and 7/8. The only difference I can find is that the middle racks are 5 inches, rather than 4 5/16s, as yours are, and as the ones on this example are. I'll have to cut a new block, but at least I don't have to recut all the finger joints!

Thanks again.

Best, Tim

I hope this helps.

18-Sep-2017, 08:04
Tim- I once had a borrowed 8x10 back on it. Seems like the project is moving along. Good luck the rest of the way. Eddie

Tim Meisburger
18-Sep-2017, 15:45
Thanks Eddie. I finally got started in earnest last weekend, but now I seem to have some parts problems. Hopefully I'll have it figured out shortly. Its actually very complex, with geared rise, swing and tilt, but I think if I take my time I can eventually get it all working (If I can get the correct parts!).

Jim Andrada
21-Sep-2017, 22:00
Hi Tim

Looks like you're good to go. I have a 5 x 7 2D. Let me know if you make it to Tucson.