View Full Version : C-41 ProblemóLab or Me?

Richard Wasserman
12-Aug-2017, 11:47
After finally finding a lab that would process 4x10 C-41 with some excitement I sent them about 20 sheets to develop. A little more than half of them came back looking very weirdócolor is off and they're flat and just plain bad. I assume it's a processing issue, but I want to make sure before I complain. I'm thinking seriously about getting a JOBO...

Fred L
12-Aug-2017, 11:51
your scan or their scan ?

Richard Wasserman
12-Aug-2017, 12:18
It's my scan. I use an Imacon and have never seen this before.

Greg Davis
12-Aug-2017, 12:28
My first thought is that the bleach step wasn't right.

Richard Wasserman
13-Aug-2017, 08:01
I think this may fall into the category of silly questions, but if this is a bleach problem, can that step be repeated to save these images?

I'm guessing the answer is hah hah hah hah....

Mark Sampson
13-Aug-2017, 10:13
It may be possible, but my memories of running a C-41 line are a little faded now. I'd ask Edgar Praus.

Greg Davis
13-Aug-2017, 12:08
It wouldn't hurt to try rebleaching, fixing and washing.

Richard Wasserman
13-Aug-2017, 13:26
I have to say I'm surprised (pleasantly/hopefully) that rebleaching is at least a possibility. I'll explore it further with the lab. Thanks!

13-Aug-2017, 14:05
Rebleach and refix is possible. I can't speak to whether it will improve things. Did you use your normal scanning settings? Sometimes when scanning multiple images I forget a step of my workflow and it shows up in the images. i.e. resolution, histogram settings, color management settings, etc.

Have you tried rescanning being totally sure your workflow is solid? I suggest this because I catch myself with this sometimes.