View Full Version : Fuji NPS 160 - What rating?

Harley Goldman
9-Jul-2005, 17:01
Using NPS for landscape. Do you shoot it at 160 or 100? I have never used it before and a buddy suggested rating it at 100. I was curious what other users rate it at.

Will Strain
9-Jul-2005, 19:35
Before I switched to the Portra films.. I shot it at 160 - processed normally. Ended up slightly underexposed - but that was good for color saturation.

9-Jul-2005, 20:21
NPS has been my film of choice for the last 10 years and I get consistently right on negs rating it at 100 and exposing for the shadows.

Thilo Schmid
10-Jul-2005, 07:04

since Process C-41 is highly standardized, you can be confident, that NPS has got a rating of 160 according to ISO 5800. But the question is, whether you will have enough details and color in your shadows. Only a test can tell, if a rating of 160 works for you or not. The errors of your meter, shutter and aperture may cancel each other or sum up. OTH, NPS has got an exposure latitude of more than 12 f-stops. So there is usually no need for brinkmanship. You are on the safer side with a rating of 100 or even lower.

Craig Schroeder
10-Jul-2005, 07:19
With my equipment, 125 gets me decent shadow detail and highlights remain nice at the same time. I use incident metering and this, with the wide latitude of NPS gives very consistent results.

Kirk Gittings
10-Jul-2005, 19:32
It is not a 160 film. It has tested closer to 100 for years now. For traditional c prints, scanning and b&w conversion, 100 works very well.