View Full Version : Prince Edward Island, Photo-op's

Jim Rhoades
9-Jul-2005, 11:24
I'm going to PEI for the first time in a few weeks. Taking 4x5/5x7. What's not to be missed?
I'm a salt marsh, sea grass and tidal pool type of photographer. Boats & harbours, nah. A wrecked boat in a tidal pool at sunrise would make my day .

Jim Ewins
9-Jul-2005, 15:57
I hope to go thru Canada to the Maritimes perhaps this fall. I'm researching AAA tour books, Photograph America Newsletter (photographamerica.com) and phototravelercatalog.com. Photo Travel used to have a info exchange at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/phototravel. Enjoy

10-Jul-2005, 09:32

You will not be disappointed. PEI is a lovely place with lots of photo ops. I spent a week there last fall travelling from town to town photographing the people and places. The series is now in a gallery show and has been well recieved.

Look for small side roads and make sure you travel them all. Too many folks stick to the main perimeter roads and never venture into the islands interior.

Have fun and travel safe.