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Eirik Berger
9-Jul-2005, 08:12
Hello all.

My darkroom is very small (4 square metres) and I realize that the trays take up to much space. A neighbour of mine surprised me yesterday when he told me that he had a Paterson Thermo drum he once used to develop his Cibachromes. I guess this machine is perfect for my B/W prints as well.
There is one problem. The power supply was missing. Does anyone out there own a similar machine and can tell me what voltage the powersupply is? And if the + is in the center og the connector or not? I cant find any information printed on the electric motor.

And by the way, I developed my first 8x10" Fuji Acros yesterday (in Xtol 1:3) ...
It is now confirmed, just looking at them it is better than sex (dont tell my grilfriend). I cant wait to see the contact prints, and the drum scans i will make later this summer.

Eirik Berger
Vikran, Norway

Brian C. Miller
9-Jul-2005, 08:46
Well, likely the motor runs on DC. Take off the cover and check, the motor may actually be marked with its electrical needs. You can guess at the proper voltage by placing 1.5V D-cell flashlight batteries in series (plus to minus, end-to-end) and stopping when the motor seems to be running at a reasonable speed. Then buy a DC power supply with that voltage to run the motor. I am guessing that the motor probably uses a standard voltage, like 6V or 12V.

See if there is an electronics experimenter in your neighborhood. He'll have it figured out quite quickly.