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Larry Smith
8-Jul-2005, 21:14
I have been using a speed graphic for about 5 years now. I have never found a shutter release that works reliably and I have tried many. However I have found a simple rubber band gives the shutter a reliable and shock free release. My photos are more vibration free! The next question is there a rubber band solution for composition and light meter function?

Will Strain
9-Jul-2005, 00:45
Not that I know of... but with the addition of a paperclip, some vinegar, and a swiss army knife, I can make you either a helicopter, or turn that Grphic into an Arca. :D

Actually, I am a bit curious about what you do with that rubber band to release the shutter...

Paul Fitzgerald
9-Jul-2005, 10:11

Which shutter release do I aim the rubber band at, the lens or the body?

Enquiring minds want to know ;-)

Larry Smith
9-Jul-2005, 16:24
Since the internal cable release to the side mounted button was broken when I got the graphic I have been tripping the shutter by finger. Like I posted I cannot find a screw in shutter release that works. I slip knot a band over the shutter release. The rubber band absorbs all the shock and jitters I notice from using short releases on my other cameras. A happy day is a camera on the tripod day!