View Full Version : I'm guilty.... but it was such a nice neg.

Robert Skeoch
8-Jul-2005, 12:15
I'm guilty... but it was such a nice negative.

I've had an enlargement made from my 8x10 neg. There, I've said it.

I'm one of those pretentious photographers who shoot 8x10 b&w and only print contact prints. You know the type.... contacts are the only way to go.... contacts have the best tones... only a contact shows off the quality... contacts this... contacts that. You and I both know that the only reason I make contacts is because I'll never afford an 8x10 enlarger.

Well I had this one good shot. I attended the Zion Park Workshop/Gathering that Per put together last fall. After shooting for five days straight I finally got a good shot, on the last day, on my final sheet of film. Even Paula liked the print when I showed her the contact.

But it looked so small as an 8x10. I took it down to Toronto Black and White and had a couple 16x20 prints made on Ilford Warm-tone FB. Wow I have to admit it looks pretty good. I'd show you but I can't get the print to fit in the scanner. I'm holding it up to the monitor right now.

I'm just going to call the bank so I can re-mortgage my house and buy the frame.

Have fun enlarging.

-Rob Skeoch

member of Contact Printers Anonymous

8-Jul-2005, 12:33
You TEASE!! (That's very much like the story of my MINOX negative which I can't print because I don't have and can't get a replacement bulb for my Minox enlarger. It's of Richard Nixon having oral sex with Rosemary Wood, who is leaning back on his desk, supporting herself in her ecstasy with a hand which appears to be pushing down a button on an old fashioned reel to reel tape recorder. If only.... Oh, the humanity.)

8-Jul-2005, 12:33
It is definitely the case that certain subjects will blossom when enlarged appropriately. Bravo for not letting habits, preconceptions, or idealisms get in the way of making the best possible print.

8-Jul-2005, 13:11
for pennance you must now make a 4x5 unenlargement from that very neg.

Ben Diss
8-Jul-2005, 13:25
That's why you should shoot E-6. You can hold tranny's up to the monitor and everyone can see them because the light passes right through. See?


Jorge Gasteazoro
8-Jul-2005, 13:27
Your problem is not the enlargement but the small camera, you are ready for a 16x20 Wisner or Canham... :-)

Mark Sawyer
8-Jul-2005, 13:31
"for pennance you must now make a 4x5 unenlargement from that very neg."

That would be an ensmallment...

Kevin M Bourque
8-Jul-2005, 13:33
Right, if you need an enlarger, its because your camera is too small. :-)

8-Jul-2005, 13:33
Why didn't you go bigger than 16x20? the 8x10 neg would make a stunning 24x30.

Robert Skeoch
8-Jul-2005, 13:39
Just to clear up a few things.... Jorge, I'll talk to my wife about the Wisner 16x20 but I'm not sure it will go well.
Mark, I think the paper only comes in 16x20 in the north, plus I'm not sure if he has trays any bigger.
And Ben, that tranny looks great.

Jorge Gasteazoro
8-Jul-2005, 13:42
Hey hey hey, I dont want to be the reason for divorce...so in that vein, make sure the Wisner comes outfited with a nice diamond ring.....I think she will go for that, tell her you will need those big negs to take pictures of it.... :-)

8-Jul-2005, 15:09
Jorge, I've been considering a 16x20 but my dark room sets up so much better for 14x17. easy to use 16x20 paper, film is less expensive, makes a nice portrait size for pt/pd printing. Then again a 16x20 is quite impressive. 14x17?..........naw, never mind 16x20 it is.....lol

Ellen Stoune Duralia
8-Jul-2005, 15:16
Good for you, Rob! And thanks for giving me such a great laugh!! Your diatribe was just this side of hilarious!

Jorge Gasteazoro
8-Jul-2005, 16:18
naw, never mind 16x20 it is.....lol

Atta boy!! :-))

PS. The only thing that is stopping me from geting a 16x20 is the lens coverage, I just dont find many places where an 800 mm is "normal"... :-)

Steve Feldman
8-Jul-2005, 18:53
Rob - They're all jealous.

Bill - So, that's what happened to the missing 18 minutes 20 seconds on the Nixon tapes. Rumor has it that Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant" was originally recorded in that tape. Well, how many things in the world ARE exactly 18 minutes 20 seconds long? Some might say it's just a coincidence.

But, I'll take it.

8-Jul-2005, 22:22
Cur - if he'd recorded the whole "Pickle Song" over it they could have never indited him.

Robert Skeoch
9-Jul-2005, 12:05
Jorge, My wife and I went to her mothers for the night so on the trip I brought up the 16x20 idea, even mentioned the diamond needed to make it all work. Things were sounding pretty good until we arrived at her moms and she realized I had left her suitcase back at home.

I don't think I'll be needing any 16x20 t-max in the near future.

Jorge Gasteazoro
9-Jul-2005, 12:12
Ah Rob, your mother in law must have a great home if her dog house has internet connection...... :-)

Steve Feldman
9-Jul-2005, 18:55

The Pickle Song ia actually The Motorcycle Song.

Just for you. And old guys who might remember:

Lyrics to "The Motorcycle Song"


And "Alice's Restuarant"


9-Jul-2005, 22:01
Cur -- It's damn hard to read with tears running down my cheeks! Think I'll have a cold one and go to bed happy tonight. And maybe, just maybe, after Michael slips past Alonso on the last turn tomorrow, I'll drive down to Barnes and Noble and replace my old wore-out LP with a brand new CD, and listen to Arlo ride the City of New Orleans, and remember how good it used to be. Thanks.

10-Jul-2005, 07:45
Okay. So it was Juan Pablo instead of Michael. I can live with that.

Donald Brewster
13-Jul-2005, 15:44
Well don't stop there. Maybe you should wander down to Florida and beg Clyde Butcher for a few hours on one of his enlargers -- think feet, not inches!

Jim Rice
22-Jul-2005, 18:45
And we would be remiss if the late, great Steve Goodman were not credited with writing "City of New Orleans"