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8-Jul-2005, 11:33
I have developed a little problem with my camera bellows. The bellows is leather and it has pulled away from the mounting board that it is glued to. ( the one that goes into the back of the front standard.) This is just in one corner, so I was hoping to get away with a quick fix. Can anyone recommend a glue or contact cement that will hold this? thanks in advance, Robert

Kevin Crisp
8-Jul-2005, 12:09
Pliobond seems to be a standard recommendation, I have not personally used it. I have had excellent experience with "Household Goop" adhesive, clamped overnight, and used sparingly. Check with a flashlight when you're done and that place, at least, won't come loose again. I originally used Ducco cement, in the tube, and it worked fine too.

Stan. Laurenson-Batten
8-Jul-2005, 13:36
I have used 'Black Witch' neoprene adhesive, as used for repair of diving gear to very good effect in the past, on well used bellows and dark slides.
It comes in a tube, is black. This adhesive will stick like **** to a blanket!
In the UK a small tube cost 7.00, a bit steep, but well worth it as it is very ecconomical, you can be confident of good lasting result.

8-Jul-2005, 14:55
Thanks for the responses guys. This forum is worth it's weight in gold. Kevin, I just ran up the street and pick up some pliobond. I'll let you know how it works. But it is what the guy at the hardware also recommended. Thanks again, robert

9-Jul-2005, 08:45
Kevin, The pliobond worked like a charm. This stuff is really impressive. I can see why the bender kits are held together by it. Super strong bond... Thanks again, Robert