View Full Version : Expert drum ????

8-Jul-2005, 09:09
Is it possible to use the Jobo expert film to hand without jobo lift?
because on BH I have seen the important notice"requires Jobo lift" (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=productlist&A=details&Q=&sku=25427&is=REG&addedTroughType=categoryNavigation)

Stan. Laurenson-Batten
8-Jul-2005, 09:35
Yes, you can use the Expert drums without the processor by using the roller rack on a bench. It works well with film or print material.
I have the Cpp2 with lift and can see no reason why it should not work efficiently
without the use of the lift gear.

8-Jul-2005, 10:48
A great suggestion I got from a jobo technician was to put a flexible piece of tubing on the end of a funnel--this allows you to pour the most critical chemicals (developer, stop) while the drum is spinning, to minimize uneven immersion. I use this with their non-expert drums (poser drums?) and it works like a charm.

Ron Marshall
8-Jul-2005, 16:41
Hi Stefano,

I hand roll the 3010, and fill it by funnel with 500ml in 10 seconds. I roll at 50 rpm and reverse direction every 2 turns. Development is even and consistent.

Ed Richards
8-Jul-2005, 16:56
You can buy a Besseler base on Ebay for less than $50 and it works great. Just do not use its own reversing system, it does not turn the drum far enough. Just swap the drum every so often - or don't - I am convinced that the expert drum does not need reversing, that was only for the spirals.