View Full Version : omega lpl vs lpl/xlg

ken bing
8-Jul-2005, 06:12
I am changing from medium to large format and want to buy an omega/ lpl type enlarger. Can someone tell me if the smaller lpl would be tall enough to be able to crop significantly when printing a 16x20 from a 4x5 neg, or should I get the XLG. Thanks to anyone who may answer.

8-Jul-2005, 06:59
With a 135mm enlarging lens (no falloff detected) you can crop a 16x20 roughly by thirds. However, if you have the space for the xlg, I recommend you get it.

John Boeckeler
8-Jul-2005, 07:20
Yes, get the long column, but make sure you have enough ceiling height in your darkroom.

Paul Butzi
8-Jul-2005, 08:27
Beyond the difference in maximum height, the 4550 XLG differs from the normal 4550 (and the 4500) in the distance between the optical axis and the column.

It doesn't help to use a shorter focal length lens if you can't put the easel in the right place because it hits the column.

Wilbur Wong
8-Jul-2005, 09:02
I have a Besseler V-XL in a reduced ceiling dark room of 7' 5" height. The easel is at 37 inches off the floor. With a 135mm lens, a 4 x 5 image is about 24 x 30 at the maximum height that I can get the enlarging head, and that is only possible because I cut a hole in the ceiling between joists, so it actually rises into the ceiling. Another 10 inches of travel is actually possible from the upright tracks if I didn't have my ceiling restrictions. An alternate consideration would be two positions of paper placement. A higher one for most smaller prints which could be removed, to allow enlarging onto a lower level.