View Full Version : Broken plastic part for Cambo SF (lock bar for Rise/Fall lock knob)

Scott Teven
3-Aug-2017, 12:09
I have a Cambo SF which would be like new except for a broken plastic part (Rise/Fall lock). I noticed that you wrote a review on this camera in 2006 that is on the LFP forum website.

Here is a post from another Cambo 45SF owner who describes his experience with this part:


The part is a lock bar for the Rise/Fall lock knob. The plastic part is approx. 82mm x 18mm. It is pictured in red in this photo.

Thanks, Scott

Scott Teven
3-Aug-2017, 12:10
I don't have any personal knowledge. If I was in your situation I would contact Cambo in Holland by email. They are still in business and may have the parts you need. There might be an authorized USA repair facility that they can direct you towards or they may be able to sell them to you directly.

Sorry I don't have better information.

Dave Karp

Scott Teven
3-Aug-2017, 12:11
I was able to order the part by contacting Cambo in Holland by email. They connected me to a US distributer, who connected me to a US dealer (Capture Integration in Atlanta). Total bill with shipping was $47.

Thanks, Scott