View Full Version : A bit of a flyer...

3-Aug-2017, 11:41
I won these on the bay... claimed to be from the 1920s - 1930s. Which makes them twenty or thirty years younger than my quarter plate camera...


I don't know what will happen when the light hits it - maybe crisp up and disappear like Christopher Lee when the light hits him - but I expect a certain amount of base fog... The speeds are 400 H&D which I reckon is around 10ASA. I'm wondering about exposing at maybe a stop over and developing by inspection (though the Ilford I'll have to guess at - it's pan. I reckon generic Rodinol is going to have to work, on the grounds that that's all I've got :)

Interesting that at least one is marked with a date in the late 80's...

Any advice gratefully received...


Robert Brazile
5-Aug-2017, 04:26
Well, when I test my homemade dry plates, I make a guess about the speed and expose a plate progressively using the dark slide (much as you'd do for strips of a test print) and use that process to zero on in a speed. Usually get pretty close in one plate, sometimes takes two.